Yeşim Yeşiltaç

Born in 1987, Yeşim received public relations education at Kültür University. Her curiosity for nature, history and travel pushed her into the arms of tourism, where she would be bound with passion enough to establish new dreams every day. She served as Operations Specialist, Marketing Manager and Operations Manager, respectively, in Turkey’s leading travel agencies. So far, she has traveled more than 25 countries, especially throughout Turkey, and organized travels. Yeşim, who likes to push her personal boundaries, makes short skiing trips during winter and rides the road bike and runs in all four seasons.

Fernaz Atanur

Born in Iran in 1989, Fernaz Atan lived in Russia for 1 year after graduating from the Department of Russian Language in Istanbul University. This experience allowed Fernaz to experience travel as an integral part of her life. Fernaz gave a purely travel-oriented direction to her career and worked for many years in the tourism sector and then as a special travel designer. 

Fernaz, the founding partner of Travel Designer Turkey company, allows you to go beyond mediocrity with the programs prepared according to your order.