This 8 day tour will take you through the ancient streets of one of histories most famous cities and then onto the Gallipoli Peninsula. We’ll visit the cemeteries and memorials, we’ll meet some of the colourful locals, and if you feel like it, you can paint the landscapes and vistas from the beaches, the heights, the gullies and the trenches in the footsteps of those who came before.

Day 1
Transfer from Istanbul Airport to Çanakkale (almost 4 hours). Arrive to Çanakkale and rest at the hotel.
Day 2
After breakfast, crossing the Dardenelles. We will visit the Naval Museum and the minelayer, Nusret. Afterwards we head for the ancient city of Troy, famous for the legendary Trojan Horse from the times of beautiful Helen, the Queen of Sparta, and Paris, the Trojan Prince. After these visits, transfer to 700 years old Çamlıca Village. Lunch at local house. After lunch, 2 hours walking in the village.
Day 3
After breakfast, transfer to Adatepe Village. We will walk among the village’s historic stone houses and enjoy the lush nature in Adatepe. After this short walk, we will meet Hüseyin Meral, who is the biggest olive milk manufacturer in Turkey. After this meeting, Adatepe Olive Museum visit.
Day 4
We will take a walk for 10 km on the Yahya Çavuş Village-Kemallı-Alexandria Troas-Dalyan route, which is part of the Troya Culture Road. After this trekking, we will go to a tomato field in the Köşedere Village and lunch with farmers. After lunch, we will pick tomatoes from the field and we will get information from farmers about tomatoes grown in the region.
Day 5
Gallipoli is one of the most touching places in Turkey. Today, we visit the Gallipoli World War I Battlefields, including Lone Pine Australian Memorial and Chunuk Bair New Zealand Memorial, ANZAC Cove, Brighton Beach, Beach Cemetery, Ari Burnu Cemetery, Johnston’s Jolly (where you’ll visit original Allied and Turkish trenches and tunnels), 57th Regiment Turkish Memorial and The Nek. After these visits, transfer to Bozcaada by ferry.
Day 6
Joining the grape harvest in Bozcaada vineyard (There is a project initiated last year in Bozcaada to contribute to the sustainability of viticulture, which has a history of 5000 years. Within the scope of this project, it is aimed that grapes will be collected by travelers visiting the region and contribute to the labor force).
Day 7
Free at leisure. You can spend your time at the beautiful beaches of Bozcaada.
Day 8
Free at leisure. At the afternoon, we drive to Istanbul.