The mushroom period is April and September.

Kastamonu, one of the lesser known cities of the Black Sea region, opens the doors of the mysterious mushroom world for its visitors during spring months. How does a dinner with these mushrooms collected from the field filled with green color and dominated by colorful flowers, crawling around in the woods while collecting edible mushrooms in your basket? You will have a new experience in the distance from the mediocrity in which you will be full of oxygen and taste.

After a flight of approximately 1 hour, arrival to Kastamonu Airport and the departure of Kastamonu’s Azdavay district. After a short journey of approx. 1 hour, we will reach the glass terrace on the Çatak Canyon and watch the breathtaking view of the canyon, which is opened in a thousand meters depth of the circuit. After the trip to the hotel, a dinner consisting of local delicacies and transfers.
After breakfast, a seminar that will take about 1 hour on mushroom and plant species. After the seminar, moving to the Ballıdağ region where Kastamonu’s lush forests are dominated. The activity of mushroom collection accompanied by guide in the forest in the Ballıdağ region. After gathering our mushrooms, we take our lunch in the form of a barbecue with hot wine. After a short walk, return to the hotel and rest. A mushroom and herb-type dinner at the hotel.
After breakfast, transfer to Kastamonu airport. Flight to Istanbul.